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Pension Evaluators®at Troyan, Inc.® is an Expert Actuarial Firm offering Pension Evaluations and Appraisals for equitable distribution and community property matters throughout the country.

As a trusted and seasoned expert Pension Evaluation firm, we provide reliable, professional and timely pension evaluations.

All of our pension appraisals are court admissible reports. We have pioneered the pension evaluation field and become the industry leader in defined benefit & defined contribution plan pension evaluations for marital dissolution actions and retiree verification calculations.

Our mission is to provide prompt, accurate answers to complex economic issues at an affordable price. In other words, we get the results you need - on time and on budget.

Troyan the Pension Evaluators® appraises thousands of deferred pay programs for divorce matters nationwide.

Pension Evaluators® at Troyan, Inc.® is the most utilized pension evaluation/appraisal firm in the country.