When Should a QDRO Be Drafted?

Mark from Charolette, NC asks, "When should a QDRO be drafted?"

Pension Evaluators & QDROS Of Troyan, Inc Associates Groupanswers, "Start this process early because it can take several weeks to get all of the information. The earlier you have the information from the plan administrator, the quicker you can start working on an agreement with the other party or prepare for your trial on the how to divide the retirement benefits. The ideal situation would be to have the court sign the QDRO at the same time the divorce decree is entered. If the divorce has already occurred, it is important to begin and complete this process as soon as possible. If you do not have a QDRO, you will not receive retirement benefits directly from the plan."

Pension Evaluators & QDROS Of Troyan, Inc Associates Group QDRO Consulting offers expert QDRO outsourcing services to divorce attorneys and mediators, as well as retirement plan administrators.
Divorce attorneys/mediators – You can rely on Pension Evaluators & QDROS Of Troyan, Inc Associates Group QDRO Consulting to draft QDRO documents correctly and promptly for your clients, and obtain pre-approval by the plan administrator. We will be pleased to work with you, or directly with your clients, in the QDRO process. Just complete and mail the application form on this site (or direct your client to do so), along with prepayment of our fee, either by check or credit card (online).

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