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As each of us navigates through our national and state mandated Stay-at-Home health emergency, Pension Evaluators® at Troyan, Inc.® currently remains open. We wish to assure you that your emails will be answered in real time in the event of a closure beyond our control given the new expansions here at Troyan, Inc.® All our customers and new clients and the Courts nationwide shall continue to benefit from our timely servicing of your Pension Evaluations and QDRO services. This is unlike any other QDRO firm to be fully staffed for Divorce matters. You will be kept advised timely of the status of your matter. We at Pension Evaluators® at Troyan, Inc.® are hopeful that each of you and each of your families stay safe during this most daunting of times.

Can I still obtain a QDRO award distribution as a result of COVID-19? How will the CARES Act affect my retirement plan? Many administrators are currently getting countless questions from their plan sponsors which is why we at Pension Evaluators® at Troyan, Inc.® are here to answer timely questions about issues and challenges that your contacts and clients care about. To help in these challenging times, Troyan has put into motion it's QDRO all base system which is a direct link to the Plan and the Attorney.

Troyan, Inc.® Expert Pension Evaluators®

Our expert level Pension Analysts have completed appraisals throughout the United States for nearly every type of Pension Plan. These plans range from Fortune 500, to Closely Held Corporations, Military, Civil Service Personnel, Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters and a vast array of other Pension plans.

Why have more than 155,000 people chosen Troyan for their pension evaluation? Our reputation. We have delivered accurate and reliable results for more than 25 years. Our pension valuations and drafting QDROs assists divorce attorneys and mediators in providing the best representation for their clients in the complex area of pension analysis and retirement compensation.

Pension Evaluators® at Troyan Inc.® combines actuarial and retirement compensation expertise with a vast knowledge of your state's case law. Our services have been utilized throughout the United States as our Pension Analysts are highly experienced with Pension Evaluations in numerous local jurisdictions.

When you select our ACCUCALC® Pension Evaluation Service for $125.00 or ACCUQDRO™ QDRO Basic Service for $350.00 we remain accessible throughout the entire pension division process.Downloads

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Family law and divorce is an aspect of the legal profession that is intensely personal. Clients involved in family law disputes need both personal and professional support to help them through a difficult, highly emotional time. They also need calm and reasoned decision-making. This is particularly true in marital community property disputes in which a pension must be divided.

As a leading authority on Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Pension Evaluators® at Troyan Inc.® prepares QDROs for thousands of family law attorneys across the U.S. Using our QDRO drafting service is simple. Downloads.


It took years to build your pension fund. Are you sure you're not giving too much away? When dividing a pension, obtaining accurate and reliable information for your specific situation is half the battle. That is where Pension Evaluators® at Troyan Inc.® excels. We value all defined benefit pension and retirement plans and all defined contribution plans such as a 401(k), as well as executive plans and stock options. Our ACCUQDRO™ QDRO Service crafts domestic court orders of all types, including QDROs, COAPs, ADROs and DROs. We approach every situation with a combination of creativity, commitment and attention to detail. Our personalized approach ensures effective results that let you know exactly where you stand.


Pension Evaluators® at Troyan Inc.®strictly adheres to the actuarial reasoning behind Actuarial Standards Board Standard of Practice Number 34 (Actuarial Practice Concerning Retirement Plan Benefits in Domestic Relations Actions) (ASB), as it relates to the issues of your case. Clearly our reports have been crafted for specific arguments as requested. In this case we produce a report with caveats based on the variations on the data per the requestor.

Contact our offices to discuss how we can help you with pension valuations and QDROs. We are the premier actuarial pension valuation and QDROs company in America with the credentials and experience to provide the highest level of actuarial expertise at the critical junction of equitable distribution in divorce.

Pension Evaluators® at Troyan Inc.® provides pension valuations, QDROs and actuarial reports for divorce attorneys and marriage dissolution mediators nationwide. We serve the Provide services to the bench bar and forensic accountants and pro se parties nationally. Our services have been employed by individuals and attorneys in all 50 states, and our staff of economic actuarial pension experts has offered expert testimony in the field of valuing and distributing retirement benefits throughout the United States. Formerly William M. Troyan, Inc.

  • Our mission is to provide speedy, accurate answers to complex economic questions at reasonable prices. We believe that by doing so we not only assist our clients, but also speed up the process and make it less expensive.
  • Our economists and analysts provide a range of expertise that is just a phone call (or Email) away. Our newest generation proprietary software allow many cases to be evaluated over the phone Get your report rushed with our QUICKCALC® Rush Services. Our economists and analysts are available to provide expert testimony to support our reports.
  • Nationally Recognized by Lawyers Experts: Pension Evaluators® at Troyan Inc.® is a nationally recognized expert on litigation economics for divorce and economic loss matters. Articles about the firm have appeared in numerous other publications.

ACCUCALC® Pension Evaluation Services

This service is suitable for evaluations that the attorneys' deem that the information they received from the respective Plan Provider and/or client(s) is sufficient and reliable. Independent discovery is not a component of this service. Kindly complete and remit our Pension Form at your earliest convenience along with the pensioner's benefit statement. This service is currently $125.00. Additional fees and services may also be selected on the Downloads form enclosed or if alternately identified with fees/services to be quoted. Please be advised, Independent Discovery is not a component of this service. The normal turnaround time on this service is typically under one business week upon receipt of full retainer and all required documentation. Sample Report

ACCUQDRODomestic Relations Order Drafting Service

Preparing Domestic Relations Orders. As a result of preparing more than 12,000 Domestic Relations Orders, our database regarding the drafting requirements of Federal, State and ERISA Plan Administrators is in excess of 1,928 pages. This massive database covers plan specifics as well as the procedures to be employed for drafting Domestic Relations Orders against specific employers.

"Marriage is, among other things, a partnership to which both spouses contribute during the period of coverture directly and indirectly, financially accruing or contributing to a company, government, state/local union or private pension plan or retirement account of which the fruits require appraisal. Enabling such Qualified Pension Plans or Retirement Accounts to become divisible and distributable at divorce." - C. B. Troyan

Married couples' retirement plans may be among their most valuable and complicated assets. Appraising plan values correctly for a fair division at divorce is a challenge many attorneys do not feel qualified to undertake. Troyan's well-known reputation continues to protect and serve attorneys with a deeper understanding of the pensioned party(s) assets.


Pension Evaluators® at Troyan Inc.®


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For all of your Pension Evaluation and QDRO needs contact us to speak to a Troyan Inc.® Pension Analyst or QDRO Attorney.

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