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ATTENTION: Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates Group has upgraded to a fully electronic platform with our Plan Administrators throughout the US. We also are fully electronic with all state and federal government QDRO departments. As the Courts are open to sign your QDRO; we have upgraded the services to your QDRO draft electronically at your inbox currently running at 3-5 business days. Due to high QDRO traffic, we have put all our QDRO experts on overtime to guarantee this time frame. QDROs are prepared by live-certified QDRO experts. Use our fill-in forms at the downloads button and submit your form, Today! During the Covid pandemic, we are taking all measures to make this a painless process for your matter. Law firms please submit your QDRO matters to our inbox for a case-specific discount and entity-specific forms. We are on board to assist as always! To all our new and loyal customers, Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates Group​ employees seek to ask you to practice safety and avoid crowds! Simply we'd prefer to draft regular QDROs, not a Posthumous Covid QDRO!

Summary Of Our Services

We provide speedy, accurate answers to complex actuarial questions at reasonable prices, including

Pension Evaluations & Analysis and Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) Services

for both Equitable Distribution Purposes and Community Property Matters

* Pension Evaluations * QDROs * Personal Injury *

* Wrongful Death * Wrongful Termination * Expert Testimony *

When a couple divorces, they probably focus first on dividing the property that's easy to see the home, furniture, cars, etc. The property they can't see their -- intangible property -- is also affected by divorce.

For many families, a pension is the largest asset, after the family home. Even if the pension is earned solely by the efforts of one spouse, the portion of it that was earned during the marriage is still marital property subject to division by the court. Many courts prefer to give full rights to a pension to the party who earned it as long as the other party will have a sufficient amount of income and property from other sources.

If, however, the pension is the primary source of income that a spouse would have and there are no other significant sources of income, the court is likely to divide rights to the pension. The court can divide the pension between the spouses by Domestic Relations Order.

Congress has passed a law facilitating division of pensions. The law allows entry of orders by a court called Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs). These orders, when properly entered by a court, require the administrator of a pension plan to send pension checks not only to the worker, but also to the worker's former spouse. The court cannot order a pension check to be written before the worker is entitled to the pension, nor can the court change the total amount of the pension that is due. But the court can direct that when a worker is eligible for a pension (even if he or she has not yet retired and is not drawing a pension), checks must be sent to the worker's former spouse.

In matrimonial actions, the basic logic behind the need for determining the present value of an individual's accrued pension benefit is to determine the replacement cost of that benefit. While the parties were married, there was an expectation that they would share in this benefit at retirement. Now, upon divorce, since marital assets must be distributed equitably between the parties, there is a need to determine the value of each of these assets, including the replacement cost of the pension benefit. Once the values of all assets are determined, the parties can offset the values of these assets so that they are distributed equitably.

The following State by State ACCUQDRO® are available through our website for our QDROs at Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates Group to prepare your handcrafted Qualification Guaranteed QDRO in less than 3 business days. These and other ACCUQDRO® BlueForms may be obtained by contacting us at 1-800-221-0706 or emailing us at Upon request alternate BlueForms, are available via e-mail, fax and/or snail mail upon your request.

For attorneys who prefer to outsource the drafting of QDROs or individuals working through the process on their own, having a QDRO expert may be just the vice to memorialize the QDRO award from Equitable Distribution or Community Property. A properly drafted QDRO will save time and make money or save money. We see more and more law offices conclude their client's divorce and send them to us to finalize that well-crafted property settlement agreement into a Qualification Guaranteed QDRO!

Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates Group's goal is to provide either just the QDRO with that "golden ticket" known as the preapproval letter, or offer full hand holding oversee the entire QDRO process. What does that mean for you? We deliver a QDRO that complies with implements the provisions of the parties’ PSA/MSA, the Plan imposed guidelines, Federal regulations, and is formatted to be court-certified. In other words, you will have a QDRO that memorializes and, better yet, achieves the full disclosures of what the parties intend.



Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Firm:

Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates Group​ is the nation's largest QDRO consulting firm specializing in actuarial consulting Divorce, and Economic Loss matters. To date we have provided actuarial Evaluations and QDRO services for over 387,169 cases in all 50 states.

Our mission is to provide speedy, accurate answers to complex actuarial questions at reasonable prices. We believe that by doing so we not only assist our clients, but also speed up the process and make it less expensive.

Our Pension Evaluators provide a range of expertise that is just a phone call or email ( away. Our newest generation proprietary software allow many cases to be evaluated without the need for independent discovery. We follow up any Evaluation with a written report the same day. Our pension analysts are available to provide expert testimony to support our reports.

Nationally Recognized Experts: Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates Group​ is a nationally recognized expert on for Pension Evaluations and QDROs in Divorce. Troyan is the only name you need to know for Divorce Pension Evaluations and QDROs. Courts and attorneys routinely check with Troyan when the issue of evaluating or dividing the Pension is at large. Articles about the firm have appeared in numerous publications.

QDRO Services:

Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates GroupQDRO Consulting offers expert QDRO outsourcing services to divorce attorneys and mediators, Pro Se and Pro Per Divorcing parties, as well as retirement plan administrators.

Divorce attorneys/mediators – You can rely on Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates Group QDRO Consulting to draft QDRO documents correctly and promptly for your clients, and obtain pre-approval by the plan administrator. We will be pleased to work with you, or directly with your clients, in the QDRO process. Just complete and mail the application form on this site (or direct your client to do so), along with prepayment of our fee, either by check or online.

Divorce QDRO Customer Service

We have decades of experience with Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible. We work with clients, their attorneys, and the plan administrators to ensure that your QDRO is "Qualified" by the Plan Administrator.

We are more convenient for clients than a traditional law office because our services can be utilized without the need for any in-office visits. All information can be collected from the parties electronically, via regular mail, or by fax. All correspondence can occur through e-mail, if desired. The use of technology allows us to keep our costs down and to offer qualification guarantees and service to our clients.

If you have questions at any step along the way, you can speak to a knowledgeable Troyan QDRO attorney by calling 800-221-0706 or send an email to:

Retirement plan administrators – Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates Group QDRO Consulting can assist you in three important areas:

· Establishing and documenting your QDRO administrative procedures;

· Drafting a plan-specific QDRO template; and

· Evaluating a QDRO to determine if it is qualified.

For more information, call our legal experts Pension Evaluators & QDROs of Troyan, Inc Associates Group at 800-221-0706

Contact Us:

Address: P.O. Box 8722, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Nationwide Voice: (800) 221-0706

Fax: (732) 212-1113


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